Q: Do I need a team to join?
A: Absolutely not. You are able to join as an
 individual player and will be placed on a team once the season begins just register as a free agent!

Q: How do I register my team?
A: Team captains are to register first thus creating the "team" in our online registration. Once team players register they will be able to select that team. The team captain will then approve or deny any requests at which time it will give the player 24 hours to pay in order to complete their registration. Teams will be in "pending status" until they meet the minimum of 12 player requirement. Once that is fulfilled team status will change to complete.

Q:  How many people can be on my team?
A:  There is a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 20 people that can be on one team roster. There is no gender rule, we will not limit nor require any team to have a certain number of women or men. This has been replaced by the 80/20 rule. This rule stipulates that any team can only have a MAXIMUM OF 3 NON-LGBTQ players. Your team is not required to have any Non-LGBTQ but if you do then three is the maximum number allowed. This question will be asked during registration and enforced as we transition to join the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance.  

Q: What day and times are the games each week?
A: Games are played every Sunday starting at 
9:30AM with the latest game ending by 3:30PM at Rusty Lyons Fields located at 5200 McCullough Ave SA, TX 78212. The season will start March 6th and be approximately 8-10 weeks depending on number of participants. 

Q: What kind of 
bats/balls are used?
A: All bats must have the ASA certification mark and is subject to inspection upon each game by the game umpire. Game balls 
will be provided by the league for each game which are 52/300 12 inch softballs which are
 compliant under ASA rules. 

Q: How much does it cost to join?
A: Each player will be required to pay a 
one time fee of $55 at the time of registration. This will include a league T-Shirt. There is no team fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions